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Frequently Asked Questions

Have a read through some of our most frequently asked questions by our customers. If you still can't find the answers to your questions, please get in contact with us so that we can answer them for you.

Yes, we can look at your budget and explain the different things you could do to get the best website for the money you have to spend. 

We can also break the website into modules that allow you to add to later once you have a bigger budget or your business becomes more successful. This means you can get a working website now and then add greater features later on.

The time frame for building a website all depends upon the complexity of the site that you require. To give you an idea, a one page website could be completed in a week or less; and a website that integrates into internal databases etc. could take as long as 3 months.

The average website takes about 3 weeks to build and get live once the plan has been signed off. Once we have worked out what you require, we will work out the timeline for your project.

Yes, we can work with any customers in New Zealand. We can work with you remotely or if site visits are required we can work these in as well.

We currently have customers in the North and South island.

Yes, we can work with customers from overseas. We do this using remote technologies.

We currently have customers in Australia.

WebShed has been operating since 2012.

A web app is an app that is available only with a web connection. Web apps can look and function just like an app with the ability to have it on the home screen of anyone's mobile device. The main differences to an app are:

  1. It is also not available on the app store to download
  2. It does not have the ability to do push notifications

The benefits to a web app:

  1. Reduced maintenance costs
  2. Rapid development
  3. Flexibility to use one websites and as an app
  4. and many more

API stands for Application Program Interface.

You might need to connect to third party API's to display their information in your site (examples Eventfinda, Salesforce, AddressFinder, Google etc.).