Every decision you make for a website or application needs to take into account the user, how they will use it and make it easy for them to use.

User interface (UI) and User experience (UX) is a major focus for WebShed and we make sure that we are always looking at the website or application from the perspective of the intended user. Accessibility also plays a large part in this area as well, your website or application should be accessible to as many users as possible. Let us help you to apply these principles to your website or application.

Why are you building it?

Any website or application you build is made for users/customers. You need to know who your customers are and how they think, to be able to build something that will work for them.

WebShed place a huge importance upon this when building anything for our clients.

When looking to start building something new or to make changes to an existing product, we strive to make sure you get it right.

If you're ready to consider a website or application for your business, consider talking to WebShed. We can help you avoid the pitfalls of a rushed or poorly planned/implemented website (a costly business decision and not delivering the results you wanted).

We'll get the building blocks right.

Our approach for most projects

  • Work out who your customers are
  • Work out how they think
  • Review and analyze any existing statistics
  • Create wire-frames for the website/application
  • Create prototypes if possible
  • Complete user testing
  • Release the website/application
  • Monitor after release
  • Tweak if necessary and/or provide follow up report